Breathing pattern disorders and physiotherapy: inspiration for our profession

Nevner hva pustetrening kan gjøre for fysioterapeuters behandlingseffekt og hvorfor det er viktig å jobbe med pusten. Viktig studie som også nevner og bekrefter Chaitows arbeid.

«Currently in western medicine, a fundamental push is to encourage healthy life style skills. Education in one of the most fundamental tools, and yet breathing has not been emphasized enough as part of this healthy lifestyle package. »

«The potential for improving the patient’s state, by optimizing their breathing pattern in all their activities, is an important development in physiotherapy. It is a developing area of knowledge which is pertinent to physiotherapy practice as it develops in a biopsychosocial model. »

«Hyperventilation results in altered (CO2) levels, and this is most commonly seen as lowered end tidal CO2 (PET CO2), or fluctuating CO2 levels, and a slower return to normal CO2 levels.34 »

«Research by Hodges et al.56–58 examines the relationship between trunk stability and low back pain. It supports the vital role the diaphragm plays with respect to truck stability and locomotor control. The diaphragm has the ability to perform the dual role of respiration and postural stability. When all systems are challenged, however, breathing will remain as the final driving force.59

In other words ‘Breathing always wins’.60 »

hyperventilering faktorer


«Breathing re-education is drug free, appealing to the new paradigm of health for all, and a practice that requires little or no machinery so a low running cost, and initial set-up is minimal for the therapist. »


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