An investigation into the peripheral substrates involved in the tactile modulation of cutaneous pain with emphasis on the C-tactile fibres.

Om hvordan hudens c-fibre spiller inn i smerte. (kun abstract)

During cutaneous pain, vibration evoked a significant and reproducible increase in the overall pain intensity (allodynia). The blockade of myelinated fibres abolished the vibration sense, but the vibration-evoked allodynia persisted. Conversely, the blockade of unmyelinated cutaneous fibres abolished the allodynia (while the myelinated fibres were conducting or not). On the basis of these findings, in addition to our earlier work, we conclude that the allodynic effect of CT-fibre activation is not limited to nociceptive input arising from the muscle, but can be equally realized when pain originates in the skin. These results denote a broader role of CTs in pain modulation.

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