The Effect of Surface Wave Propagation on Neural Responses to Vibration in Primate Glabrous Skin

Studie som nevner at vibrasjon sprer seg i huden og forsterker signalene opp til hjernen. Men har bare 1 mm kontaktflate og forholder seg til høy frekvens (opp til 400 Hz)og pacini celler. Mye interessant likevel.

«First, we find that these waves substantially amplify the neural response to the stimulus»

«Second, we show that surface waves result in a reduction of the temporal patterning in the response of afferent populations, particularly at frequencies over 200 Hz, but the degree of temporal blurring is relatively small compared to that observed in the response of S1 neurons.»

«Third, despite these two factors, the structure of the waveform is well preserved in the form of the surface waves, suggesting that surface waves should enhance the perception of simple and complex skin oscillations.»

Because tactile perception relies on the response of large populations of receptors distributed across the skin, we seek to characterize how a mechanical deformation of the skin at one location affects the skin at another.

First, we show that a vibration applied to the fingertip travels at least the length of the finger and that the rate at which it decays is dependent on stimulus frequency.

We show that this skin resonance can lead to a two-fold increase in the strength of the response of a simulated afferent population.

Second, the rate at which vibrations propagate across the skin is dependent on the stimulus frequency and plateaus at 7 m/s. The resulting delay in neural activation across locations does not substantially blur the temporal patterning in simulated populations of afferents for frequencies less than 200 Hz, which has important implications about how vibratory frequency is encoded in the responses of somatosensory neurons.

Third, we show that, despite the dependence of decay rate and propagation speed on frequency, the waveform of a complex vibration is well preserved as it travels across the skin. Our results suggest, then, that the propagation of surface waves promotes the encoding of spectrally complex vibrations as the entire neural population is exposed to essentially the same stimulus.

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