Supplementary oxygen for nonhypoxemic patients: O2 much of a good thing?

Nevner alt om hvordan oksygen er skadelig i høye mengder, både i klinisk sammenheng og eller. Bl.a. fordi med høy O2 går CO2 ned og da trekker blodårene seg sammen.


Supplementary oxygen is routinely administered to patients, even those with adequate oxygen saturations, in the belief that it increases oxygen delivery. But oxygen delivery depends not just on arterial oxygen content but also on perfusion. It is not widely recognized that hyperoxia causes vasoconstriction, either directly or through hyperoxia-induced hypocapnia. If perfusion decreases more than arterial oxygen content increases during hyperoxia, then regional oxygen delivery decreases. This mechanism, and not (just) that attributed to reactive oxygen species, is likely to contribute to the worse outcomes in patients given high-concentration oxygen in the treatment of myocardial infarction, in postcardiac arrest, in stroke, in neonatal resuscitation and in the critically ill. The mechanism may also contribute to the increased risk of mortality in acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, in which worsening respiratory failure plays a predominant role. To avoid these effects, hyperoxia and hypocapnia should be avoided, with oxygen administered only to patients with evidence of hypoxemia and at a dose that relieves hypoxemia without causing hyperoxia.

… the aim of oxygen therapy should be to increase the delivery of oxygen rather than to reach any arbitrary concentration in the arterial blood.

Hyperoxia marginally increases the arterial blood oxygen content (CaO2), theoretically increasing tissue oxygen delivery (DO2) assuming no reduction in tissue blood flow. However, oxygen causes constriction of the coronary, cerebral, renal and other key vasculatures – and if regional perfusion decreases concomitantly with blood hyperoxygenation, one would have a seemingly paradoxical situation in which the administration of oxygen may place tissues at increased risk of hypoxic stress. Any tissue damage in the course of oxygen administration would plausibly be attributed to the underlying disease process.

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