Svært interessant og bra skrevet blogg innlegg.

For example, I learnt you can’t break down scar tissue, ‘release’ a muscle or a fascial adhesion (Chaudhry 2008Chaudhry 2007Schleip 2003Threlkeld 1992)

I learnt that by stretching a muscle in a certain fashion, in a certain way, for a certain amount of time doesnt effect it’s structure (Solomonow 2007Weppler 2010Katalinic 2011)

I learnt that you don’t need to mobilise or manipulate a joint in a specific direction, based on a specific assessment of pain and joint feel (Chiradejnant 2003Aquino 2009Schomacher 2009Nyberg 2013)

I learnt that palpation of muscles, joints, trigger points are all unreliable and can lead to questionable diagnosis that often direct treatment down wrong and ineffective pathways, I have done a blog on this particular topic recently with all the supporting evidence here.

I leant that when all the methods and techniques of manual therapy are examined through the process of systematic reviews and meta analysis most of the research is poor and even the good research shows that it doesn’t do much (Menke 2014,Kumar 2014Artus 2010Kent 2005)


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