High Energy Diets-Induced Metabolic and Prediabetic Painful Polyneuropathy in Rats

Nevner hvordan høy-fett høy-karbo forværrer nevropati (ødelagte nerver), men høy-fett høy-karbo høy-salt ser ut til å dempe smertene noe.



In the current study, early metabolic syndrome (hyperinsulinemia, dyslipidemia, and hypertension) and prediabetic conditions (IFG) could be induced by high energy (high-fat and high-sucrose) diets in rats which later developed painful polyneuropathy that was characterized by myelin breakdown and LMF loss in both peripheral and central branches of primary afferent neurons. However, SMF and UMF were far less damaged in the same rats. The phenomenon that the high energy diets only induce mechanical, but not thermal, pain hypersensitivity may reflect a selective damage to LMF, but not to the SMF and UMF. Moreover, dietary sodium (high-salt) deteriorates the neuropathic pathological process induced by high energy diets further, but paradoxically high salt consumption may improve, at least temporarily, chronic pain perception in these animals.

We have therefore established a strong link between high-energy/high-salt diet induced metabolic syndrome and prediabetes which results in relatively selective LMF damage in both the PNS and CNS that in turn can result in neuropathic pain. These results have a profound impact on patient welfare relative to diet choice, not just for T2DM onset, but also for its associated neuropathic symptoms.

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