Relationship between Hyperventilation and Excessive CO2 Output during Recovery from Repeated Cycling Sprints

Nevner at CO2 ikke er årsak til hyperventillering under trening, men at det er melkesyre. Pusten øker for å fjerne CO2 så syreoverskuddet holdes i balanse.

«During incremental exercise, blood lactate is progressively increased above the VT. This is buffered by the bicarbonate system. This results in progressive reduction of blood bicarbonate ion (Beaver et al. 1986a) and metabolic acidosis. In order to improve this metabolic acidosis, ventilation is driven and becomes hyperventilation above the VT in incremental exercise. As a result, Vco2excess is progressively increased above the VT.»

«The following findings suggest that hyperventilation in exercise is induced by metabolic acidosis due to an increase in blood lactate detected by peripheral chemoreceptors. »

«Secondly, it was found that intravenous infusion of bicarbonate during incremental exercise attenuated the decrease in blood pH above the VT and consequently reduced hyperventilation by 15-30 % (Peronnet et al. 2007). However, if this hyperventilation accompanies a decrease in Paco2, it would stimulate central chemoreceptors and peripheral receptors via its effect on pH (Clement et al. 1992) and consequently can attenuate the hyperventilation. »

«Thus, hyperventilation during second recovery did not increase despite an increase in blood lactate probably due to lower Paco2 than that during first recovery. »

«During recovery, lactate is not produced in muscle. However, lactate is transported from the muscle to blood. The buffering system is primarily a non-bicarbonate system in muscle cells (Hultman and Shalin, 1980) but a bicarbonate system in blood (Yano 1987, Peronnet and Aguilaniu 2006).»

«After the end of heavy, very heavy and cycling sprint, Paco2 becomes lower than the resting level (Kowalchuk et al. 1988, . Stringer et al. 1992). »


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