Basilar Artery Response to Hyperventilation in Panic Disorder

Nevner hvordan hyperventilering fjerner CO2 og gjør at blodkar trekker seg sammen. Nevner spesielt basilary artery inni hjernen.

«Gibbs (2) reported that nine panic disorder patients in a neurology clinic experienced a significantly greater decrease in basilar artery blood flow during voluntary hyperventilation (mean decrease, 62%) than did nine normal comparison subjects (mean decrease, 36%). However, no respiratory measures were assessed dur- ing hyperventilation, and this omission is important, since changes in carbon dioxide levels are critical in regulating cerebral arterial flow (3).»

«For mean blood flow, the panic patients had a 55% reduction (mean change=–21.1 cm/sec, SD=7.1), which was sig- nificantly greater than the 42% reduction for the com- parison group (mean change=–15.8 cm/sec, SD=5.4)»

«The increases in the dizziness ratings were associated with the percent- ages of the decreases in both peak flow (r=–0.60, N=24, p<0.01) and mean flow (r=–0.57, N=24, p<0.01).»

«The pCO2 level of the panic disorder patients decreased 33% during hyperventilation (pCO2 level dur- ing hyperventilation: mean=24.80 mm Hg, SD=7.29), which did not differ significantly from the 37% decrease for the comparison subjects (pCO2 during hyperventila- tion: mean=24.55 mm Hg, SD=3.09) (t=–0.14, df=7, n.s.).»

«The ratio of blood flow changes to pCO2 changes is approximately 1.0 in normative studies (4), which is consistent with the values for our comparison group. The patients with panic disorder had a ratio of blood flow change to pCO2 change that was almost twice that of the normal subjects. This suggests that the sensitivity of the basilar artery in patients with anxiety disorders may not be due solely to changes in respiratory physiology.»

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