Mechanical or inflammatory low back pain. What are the potential signs and symptoms

Studie som beskriver forskjellen mellom betennelses og mekansik smerte. Dog det er liten forskjell med tanke på kronisk smerte, nevner denne studien mange interessante poenger.
Hele som pdf:

«NSLBP is commonly described as being ‘‘mechanical’’ (Batt and Todd, 2000; Chaudhary et al., 2004; Valat, 2005) or ‘‘inflammatory’’ (Saal, 1995; Ross, 2006). Although these labels have no universally accepted defini- tions, there is evidence to support the involvement of both mechanical and inflammatory factors in the generation of LBP (Biyani and Andersson, 2004; Hurri and Karppinen, 2004; Igarashi et al., 2004; Abbott et al., 2006; Al-Eisa et al., 2006; Ross, 2006).»

«The relationship between inflammation and pain, however, is not clear. Although a recent study found that the mean intensity of pain over 24 h was indepen- dently associated with high levels of high sensitivity C reactive protein in patients with acute sciatica (less than 8 weeks), this association was not found in patients with chronic LBP (Stu ̈ rmer et al., 2005).»

«Similarly, the relationship between pain that wakes a patient up and inflammation is not clear.»
«Although the levels of inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-6 may alter sleep behaviour (Mullington et al., 2001), there did not appear to be an association between improvements in pain and joint stiffness»
«Although pain on lifting is commonly thought to rep- resent mechanical pain, the relationship between spinal load and pain is not clear.»

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