Growth hormone release during acute and chronic aerobic and resistance exercise: recent findings.

Studie som bekrefter hvordan veksthormon påvirkes av trening. Viser at det er et lineært forhold mellom trening og veksthormon. Flere treningsøkter om dagen gir mest økning i veksthormon.

«Contrary to previous suggestions that exercise-induced GH release requires that a «threshold» intensity be attained, recent research from our laboratory has shown that regardless of age or gender, there is a linear relationship between the magnitude of the acute increase in GH release and exercise intensity. »

» As a result, 24-hour integrated GH concentrations are not usually elevated by a single bout of exercise. However, repeated bouts of aerobic exercise within a 24-hour period result in increased 24-hour integrated GH concentrations.»

«While exercise interventions may not restore GH secretion to levels observed in young, healthy individuals, exercise is a robust stimulus of GH secretion. «

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