Exercise-induced dehydration with and without environmental heat stress results in increased oxidative stress.

Viser at dehydrering øker oksidativt stress og dermed celleskade i trening.


«Oxidized glutathione (GSSG) increased significantly postexercise in dehydration trials only»

«Finally, both 90-min and 5-km TT performances were reduced during only the DE-W trial, likely a result of combined cellular stress, hyperthermia, and dehydration. »

Fra fecebook artikkel om studien:

«The results of this study show that regardless of temperature, oxidative stress (as measured by oxidized glutathione in the blood) was increased in exercise-induced dehydration, but this increase did not occur when hydration was normal. »

«This study shows that both heat and dehydration influence cellular mechanisms during exercise, but it is not the oxidative stress per se that reduced exercise performance during to the heat-dehydration trial. «

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