Samling av studier om diagnoser

En god samling studier som viser at diagnose-manien vestlig medisin og fysioterapi er bygd på ikke fungerer på mennesker med muskel og leddsmerter. (bare når det er snakk om seriøs sykdom som kreft og lignende)

Prevalence of annular tears and disc herniations on MR images of the cervical spine in symptom free volunteers.
“CONCLUSION: Annular tears and focal disk protrusions are frequently found on MR imaging of the cervical spine, with or without contrast enhancement, in asymptomatic population.”

Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine in asymptomatic adults.
“We performed magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine on 66 asymptomatic subjects and found that 12 (18%) had either a disc protrusion or herniation. An additional 26 (39%) had a bulge that was associated with degenerative disc disease. We also found examples of spinal stenosis, narrowed nerve root canals, osteophytes, and vertebral body involvement with multiple myeloma. Degenerative disc disease is a common finding in asymptomatic adults that increases in frequency with age. It occurs more frequently in men and usually involves more than one level. The most common location is L5-S1.”

Dead men and radiologists don’t lie: a review of cadaveric and radiological studies of rotator cuff tear prevalence.
“CONCLUSIONS: Rotator cuff tears are frequently asymptomatic. Tears demonstrated during radiological investigation of the shoulder may be asymptomatic. It is important to correlate radiological and clinical findings in the shoulder.”

Spinal Stenosis, Back Pain, or No Symptoms at All? A Masked Study Comparing Radiologic and Electrodiagnostic Diagnoses to the Clinical Impression
“Conclusions: The impression obtained from an MRI scan does not determine whether lumbar stenosis is a cause of pain.”

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