How does one justify the use of ultrasound when the biophysical (Baker et al 2001) and clinical (Robertson et al 2001) effects have been so thoroughly disproven? Why are we still taught that we are molders of connective tissue, when the forces required to create plastic deformation of connective tissue ranges between 50 and 250 pounds of force (Threlkeld 1992)? When are we going to accept the fact that our palpatory exams lack reliability (French et al 2000) (Lucas et al 2009) and validity (Najm et al 2003) (Landel et al 2008) (Preece et al 2008)? When will we stop telling students, colleagues, and patients that pain is related to their posture, muscle length, muscle strength, or biomechanics (Edmondston et al 2007) (Lewis et al 2005) (Nourbakhsh et al 2002)? When will we cease blaming pain on something found on an image (Reilly et al 2006) (Beattie et al 2005) (Borenstein et al 2001)? When will we stop thinking that we can change someone’s static posture with strengthening (Walker et al 1987) (Diveta et al 1990)?

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