Flere studier om elektrisk stimulering av vagusnerven

Nevner at elektrisk stimuli av vagusnerven gir bedre overlevelsesrate for personer med hjerte/kar problematikk.


Nevner at vagus-stimulering ga mindre opplevelse av smerte


Moreover, active t-VNS significantly reduced pain ratings during sustained application of painful heat for 5 min compared to sham condition.

Beskriver hvordan vagus nerven kan benyttes i behandling av smertetilstander.


First reports of attenuation of chronic pain by VNS indicate that the method might be an option for pain treatment in the future.

Beskriver hvordan vagusnerven gir endringer i hjernestammen, som virker smertedempende.


Our results show a clear antinociceptive effect of VNS in models of acute or inflammatory pain with different stimulation protocols including the one used in epileptic patients. Using immunocytochemical methods, we find that activity changes in spinal trigeminal nucleus neurons could underlie at least part of the VNS-induced analgesia.

Elektrisk vagus-stimulering mot migrene.


All patients with migraine reported reductions in headache frequency and numeric rating scale score for average and least headache intensity.

Elektrisk stimulering av vagus mot migrene.


In conclusion, VNS may be an effective therapy for intractable chronic migraine and cluster headaches and deserves further trials.

Elektrisk stimulering av vagus gir mindre smertereaksjon.


During VNS at settings 100% of those used clinically to control their seizures, subjects showed a statistically significant decrease in their thermal pain threshold of 1.1+/-0.4 degrees C.


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