Elevated Inflammatory Markers in Response to Prolonged Sleep Restriction Are Associated With Increased Pain Experience in Healthy Volunteers

Denne nevner at 10 dager med redusert søvn (4 timer) øker betennelsesfaktorer i kroppen. 4 timers søvn er svært lite og de fleste sover nok mer enn dette, men studien nevner at 25% reduksjon (6 timer) også gir en økning i betennelsesfaktorer, dog ikke like kraftig.

Den nederste grafen viser hvordan ubehag i kroppen henger sammen med økning i betennelsesfaktorer.



Insufficient sleep quantity may facilitate and/or exacerbate pain through elevations of IL-6. In disorders where sleep disturbances are common, insufficient sleep quantity itself may establish and maintain its co-occurrence with pain and increased inflammation.

Acute sleep loss of up to 3 nights15,17,18 as well as more commonly experienced forms of sleep loss, i.e., sleep reduced by 25%-50% across consecutive days,18,19 have been shown to induce an increase of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and C-reactive Protein (CRP) levels. In addition, increased levels of IL-6 have been found in patients suffering from primary insomnia.20,21

Pain is a hallmark of inflammatory processes. Prostaglandins, in particular PGE2, are classical pain mediators, but in the last decade a variety of novel pain modulators have been identified. For example, proinflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) have been found to be potent pain-inducing and pain-facilitating agents, able to sensitize primary sensory neurons.26

Ten days of sleep restriction to 50% of the habitual time led to an IL-6 increase of 1.16 pg/mL in the current study. Sleep restriction to approximately 25% of usual sleep time over one week has been found to lead to a slightly smaller IL-6 increase of 0.75 pg/mL compared to the present result.19 This may suggest a dose-response relationship between chronicity/severity of sleep restriction and elevation of IL-6 levels, and warrants further investigation.

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